How Sicily Was Born

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The “Siculi” in the East, and the “Sicani” in the West, were the first inhabitants of the island of Sicily was originally named “Sicania”. After circumnavigating the island the Greeks called it Thrinakia, meaning “island of the three capes” (in Greek treis-three and akra-cape).

Dante Alighieri , in the eighth canto of the Paradise of the Divine Comedy, wrote three triplets poems in describing it as “the beautiful Trinacria”. Myths and legends surround the birth of Sicily. The Triskele, symbol of energy, probably coming from the “Far East”, brought by the Macedonian Emperor Alexander the Great, tells us that Sicily might have arisen thanks to “three nymphs”. The symbol of Trinacria is a mythological figure with the head of Medusa, whose hair is comprised of entwined serpents in the ears of corn, probably added by the Greeks in honor of Demeter (goddess of the mother earth and the four Seasons) , and three legs bent at the knee that revolve around. According to the legend, three beautiful creatures roamed the world taking the best things from each place they visited. They hauled it all to an area of land characterized by an exceptionally clear sky and an intensely blue sea. They danced to celebrate feeling happy and fulfilled about their harvest. Then, in that place of unparalleled beauty, each of them threw into the sea their fruit, giving rise to three capes. The sky shone with a bright rainbow and a rich land emerged from the sea with all the wonders of the world united by the three nymphs. And so was born, the beautiful Sicily, the island of the three capes.

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