Mini-cruise to the Island of the Currents

An excursion by boat is the best way you can choose to cross the beautiful sea in the far south of Sicily. Boarding either rubber dinghies, motorboats or sailboats your experience starts from the Marina Marzamemi, and explores a stretch of coastline unspoilt. At 7.30am you set sail for the Isle of Capo Passero, just opposite the village of Portopalo.

You will arrive on the island by sea, but in summer, at low tide, the island can also be reached on foot from Portopalo, thanks to a sandy isthmus that joins the mainland. Navigating around the island, you can see the Cave of the Octopus and the small traps which were used to catch tuna that once swam under the tip of the island.

To the north of Capo Passero stands the fortress from the XVII century, commissioned by Philip III, grandson of Charles V, to look out for ships and fight the Saracen pirate raids. At Portopalo, at the extreme southern tip of Sicily, the rhythm is slow and life relaxed. Due to its strategic position, Portopalo was in previous centuries a trading port of considerable importance for those who had sailed the Mediterranean.

The current village, which dates back to XIX century, was established around a few old fishermen’s houses, still visible, in a stretch of coastline called Scalo Mandrie, just opposite the island of Capo Passero.

Continue sailing to the Isola delle Correnti known as surfer’s paradise. A small rocky island, round in shape, located where the Mediterranean meets the Ionian sea, creating strong currents which are also fueled by the winds that often blow up this stretch of coast. You will see the windsurfers whizzing sails, opened for their maximum enjoyment. Returning to port, go to the beach for a barbecue near the sea.

Plan your cruise with the diving center El Cachalot, they are expert and will arrange it all for you so all you have to do is have fun!

Distance 6km fromPachino (SR)

To visit Marzamemi and Portopalo:
from Pachino (Siracusa) take the SP84 and SP21

Suggested by Amuni’Sicily

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