Sicily and Aeolian Island as a perfect setting for Love and Passion movies

Edda Ciano and the Communist
Lipari, as well as the entire island of Sicily, has always been a perfect setting for novels and motion pictures. Now we’d like to present the most recent movies filmed and set in the Aeolian Islands.
“Edda Ciano and the Communist”, based on the book, written by the Italian journalist Marcello Sorgi:  “Mr. Leonida Bongiorno”, published by Rizzoli Editore in 2009.
Sorgi tells the story of the secret passion of the duce’s daughter, broadcast on TV in March 2011 creating interest and curiosity surrounding the love story between Edda Mussolini, Benito’s rebel daughter, and Leonida Buongiorno, who was already a communist militant and a partisan of the Corps of the Alps.
When Fascism ended, her father and wife, Clara Petacci  were both executed in Milan (28 April 1945) so Edda was exiled to Lipari for two years. The passion between the two lovers grew here. Sorgi, the author, wrote another book that is a love story born out of his love of the Aeolian Islands. In “Volcano Lovers”, Sorgi highlights the love triangle among the director Roberto Rossellini, with the fabulous actor Anna Magnani , the main character and his girlfriend at that time, and the young and beautiful Ingrid Bergman, whom the director fell in love with while filming the movie “Stromboli.”  When Magnani and Rossellini broke up, Roberto, soon after
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