The Harvest Festival of Raddusa at Raddusa (Province of Catania)

Surrounded by a golden sea of corn and warmed by the Sicilian sun, Raddusa, in the province of Catania, is the town of grain. This corner of the island seems timeless; its inhabitants live in the countryside and work the land, eating the fruits of their own labor. The Harvest Festival is very much a representation of Sicily and takes place on the second weekend of September. The event involves the whole town and intrigues the many tourists as well. The festival is a commemoration of the ancient crafts of Sicilian farmers during the 1950s. In the square of the Unknown Soldier some old crafts are demonstrated, such as: “u metiri,” (meaning “the harvest” in Sicilian) describing the process of cutting of the wheat using scythes that cut away the base of the grain; “a pisatura,” which is the separation of the wheat grain from the husk. This process is done by horses that use their hooves to trample the stalks of wheat guided by the farmer. There is a tasting of the baked bread and thecuccia”; the “mascacia” which is the technique used to shoe horses, and “mapstata du pani” – bread making. The whole country is decorated with ears of corn that adorn palaces, churches, plazas and main streets. Folk music and dance groups will accompany the three days of celebration.

Visit the Museum of Grain which exhibits the ancient tools of the traditional crafts of Sicily. Don’t leave without taking a jute bag full of seeds of wheat and some ears of wheat. According to the Sicilian tradition wheat represents fertility and good luck! Allura: bona furtuna a tutti!

Directions to Raddusa: (75 Km, 44,73 mi. from Catania):
From Catania: take the A9 highway CT-PA, Palermo direction, exit at Raddusa/Assoro

Etna Trasporti, Interbus

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