The Aeolian Islands -The seven wonders islands embedded in an enchanting sea

According to ancient mythology, “Seven are the Wonders of the World” as well as the seven Aeolian Islands:

Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Alicudi, Filicudi and Panarea.

Lipari is the largest of the group. It is the ideal base for your daily trips to the volcanic Aeolian archipelago. Catamarans and ferry boats make frequent daily connections allowing easy travel to this island of charming Mediterranean style.
Lipari was recently the set for a movie based on the book, written by the Italian journalist Marcello Sorgi: “Mr. Leonida Bongiorno”, published by Rizzoli Editore in 2009, “Edda Ciano and the Communist”. The secret passion of the duce’s daughter, was screened on TV in March 2011. Interest and curiosity grew about the love story between Edda, Mussolini, Benito’s rebel daughter, and Leonida Buongiorno, who was already a communist militant and a partisan of the Corps of the Alps.
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The Aeolian Islands, with their fires of passion have alot to offer to a very demanding tourist. With its very welcoming places to stay, like its luxurious hotels and its cozy family owned Bed and Breakfasts. You will find all kinds of charming little shops and grocery stores, especially in Lipari. And last but not least, let’s not forget to mention the fine Mediterranean cuisine, with fresh fish and seafood, coming right from the fishermen boats, and cozy wine bars to experience!
Nature and Excursions
Immerse yourself in the luxurious and vibrant nature of these 7 Wonders Islands by the many excursions offered to its guest. Marine excursions accompanied by real fishermen guiding you throughout the seven island rocks and beaches. Trekking tours and archeological tours are available through the millenary historical sites. The best time of year for visiting the Islands is between March and September.
Typical production on the Islands includes the cappers, and the delicious sweet tasting “Malvasia” one of the D.O.C. of  SicilyWine. 

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Pollara Beach and “The Postman” – A tender love story in poetry

Unique for its beauty and its popularity, Pollara Beach is located along the lovely coastline on the island of Salina.

With her breathtaking scenery, Salina is the greenest of the Aeolian Islands. There you can enjoy long walks through the Mediterranean vegetation. One can marvel at the many large vineyards, which produce Malvasia wine. You will certainly be enticed by the wonderfully fruity aromas while enjoying a wine and food tasting. When you’re ready to go, be sure to take a bottle home with you to enjoy later on!

Its natural amphitheatre has been the wonderful backdrop for the internationally award-winning movie Il Postino (1994), (The Postman) masterfully directed by Michael Radford starring Massimo Troisi.. The great Troisi is a legendary Neapolitan actor who died after finishing the filming of this movie with Philippe Noiret and Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The actor’s legacy has been immortalized by his unforgettable performances of an impressive career.

The actor’s legacy has been immortalized by his unforgettable performances of an impressive career. Massimo sei grande!!

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from #4, and edited by Vanvakys