To Pantalica – First caves of the Mankind

Incredible but true! At Pantalica you will see over 5000 necropoles (which are old graves) naturally formed or dug out of limestone cliffs from approximately 70.000 years ago.

Visit the Palace of Anaktoron, a megalithic building dating back to the first age of Pantalica, believed to have been built between 11th – 13th Century BC. Here the vegetation is vibrant and luxurious, with many nature trails and abundant wildlife. You have to enter dark tunnels to reach the small oasis of natural stones and water (ponds formed from waterfalls) anddense green forests – remember to bring a battery torchlight with you. It’s best to stay on the designated track, but follow the signs along the trails.

The Reserve of Pantalica can be explored only on foot, so wear comfortable shoes and a swimsuit if you want to swim in the lakes.

Bill Gates visited once and fell in love with this reserve.

Please remember that cars are not allowed to help preserve the area. Pantalica is in Sortino – Ferla, in the province of Siracusa.

by Car
A18 (Highway 18) Messina-Catania-Siracusa direction Siracusa, exit Floridia, Valle dell’Anapo SP28, follow directions to Sortino, drive 9 km

GPS +37° 7′ 39.33″, +15° 0′ 15.64″

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