Flat Garbanzo beans loaves – Panelle

Ingredients for 8 servings

  • 4 cups of garbanzo beans flour
  • seed oil
  • salt
  • water 6 1/3 cups
  • optional: parsley one bu
  • minced


Panelle are garbanzo beans flour croquettes and are a popular specialty from Palermo. They are sold in fried-food shops scattered around the city and they are eaten warm, with a sprinkle of pepper and some drops of lemon juice, as a snack; or in typical loaves just removed from the oven in substitution of a meal. The Panellari often spread the cooked paste in rectangular wooden bars on which floral designs are engraved.


Sift the flour in a saucepan and slowly add 6 cups of water, mixing with a wooden spoon, to avoid lumps.

As soon as the preparation is well mixed, salt to taste; set the saucepan on a low flame and let the mixture thicken stirring in the same direction. After about 30 minutes the mixture should detach from the saucepan; add the minced parsley and turn the paste upside down in a nn-sick rectangular baking-pan, sprinkled with cold water. Flatten the surface of the mixture and let it harden. After the mixture has cooled down completely and hardened enough, turn it upside-down and slice thinly. Heat a lot of seed oil and fry a few the panelle, until golden; drain, set them on paper napkin and serve warm.

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