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Sicily’s Wines Protagonist of Wine Spectator Oct. 2014


Without question, the traditions of art and wine in Sicily have truly ancient roots. That the two should pair together so naturally comes as no surprise: both elements satisfy the immaterial needs of the human spirit; both are sensitive and open to individual appreciation through contemplation and taste, transcending their physical form to create a unique experience and source of enjoyment.

Fine Art and Wines originate from a profound and complex labor of love, meditation and zeal, culminating in a manifestation of the creator’s passion and vision. The winemaker and the artist share a common goal in the elicitation of pleasure through heightening the senses and permeating the seam between the conscious and the unconscious. 



 Sicily Wine List selected  for you by Wine Spectator 2014 . More than 300 wines with scores and prices  









Stemmari-Grillo-usa-medium-189Grillo Sicilia IGT
A varietal native to Sicily, the Grillo is the most wide-spread and famous white varietal on the island and was historically used for production of Marsala.

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nerodavolaPrince of the enological re-birth of Sicily, the Nero d’Avola is a very important native varietal. Nero d’Avola arguably the most characteristic of Sicilian red grapes, the hearty Nero d’Avola variety is thought to have originated in the Syracuse/Ragusa
 territory in the southeastern part of the island. Over the years, however, it has spread throughout the entire region of Sicily. A smooth, deep, slightly peppery flavor gets better over time, without losing its inherent fruitiness. 







Cantadoro-mediumCantodoro Sicilia IGT

Selected Nero d’Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon are vinified and matured separately in French oak, 8 months and 12 months, respectively. Once blended, the wine is matured an additional 4 months in barriques and then bottle refined for 8 months.

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Dalila-mediumDalila Sicilia IGT

From the union between the Sicilian varietal Grillo and the international Viognier, native to the Rhone valley, comes a harmonious blend that expresses the sunlight and richness of Sicily. This aromatic wine showcases the great oenological potential of Sicily that expresses elegantly fragrant aromas in its white wines. In this wine.

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