Our Mission

 “Sicily Wine..Surfing the wine-colored sea toward foreign peoples” (Homer)

Our Mission

To teach, promote and celebrate Sicilian wine, viticulture and “terroir”, world-wide. We seek to share information, such as Sicilian wine classifications and appellations, as well as indicate where to find a good bottle or high quality produces, or rather wine tours and so on. Sicily wine is an independent promoter and marketer of all things Sicilian, and a premier organizer of upscale Sicily-themed events, including wine tastings and dinners.

Company Overview

Vanvakys International LLC, is a service company operating for more than ten years in the field of direct and indirect internet marketing and communication with particular concentration between Sicily and the United States. Through the use of the World Wide Web and modern marketing techniques we take on your marketing project with passion and creativity. The Vanvakys team especially takes advantage of the collaboration of partners and professionals from around the world. Vanvakys International implements projects aimed at developing the communications and marketing of your company in a 360 degree approach. 
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We also offer consulting and B2B services through Vanvakys International LLC!

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MADE IN SICILY  ”with a unique terroir”

Sicily has a long history in the world of wine-making. Blessed by a favorable geographical location, the island has a warm and dry climate that is ideal for viticulture and agriculture. Moreover, the island’s soil types are receptive to both native and foreign grapes, creating a unique terroir and allowing for the exceptionally robust character and vibrant flavors that are characteristic of Sicilian wines today.

Sicily is the largest island in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, and has always been of great strategic importance for all populations that have visited, inhabited and celebrated it. From the Ancient Greeks to the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans and the Spanish, and, finally, the Italians, Sicily is a true melting pot of traditions and its oenological history is no exception.

While Sicily’s wine culture is not yet as well-known as that of some other European regions, the region of Sicily is the second-largest producer of grapes for wine and is well on its way to becoming one of the foremost sources of quality and innovation.

Indeed, the great German traveler, Wolfgang Goethe (poet and writer of the XVII century) once said:

“To come to Italy and not visit Sicily, is not to recognize its true essence and spirit”.

That spirits as evident in the wine as it is anywhere!

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