De Bartoli oscar delvino 2013Marco De Bartoli, was a great Sicilian man, more then a producer, the first I met since I started .Signor Marco De Bartoli, died few years ago a really nice Sicilian man,  I’ll never forget” I met him few years ago , introduced to me by my great old friend # 1 Wine merchant in DenmarkCarlo Merolli who says about him: “ Marco is a real Sicilian man, hard and  serious worker, the first pioneer whose mission is to give the “ Fine Marsala“, and to our land,  the dignity and the right value   as it deserves” read more…



The Arancio winery was constructed to make quality single-varietal wines and is equipped with cutting-edge machinery.All of the tanks are made of stainless steel and have small dimensions. The entire winery is climate-controlled and many barrels permit us to refine wines with great structure and intense aromas 

planeta-wineEstablished in 1995, Planeta is a Sicilian wine producer built on a long agricultural tradition handed down since 1500 through 17 generations in the area between Sambuca di Sicilia and Menfi.







Abraxas Abraxas logodammusi copyis located on the island of Pantelleria, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.




milazzo wines Cantine Gulino are located in the old Fanusa  region which includes the hinterland and the whole  coastal area and where vineyards have been  cultivated since 1600. More…

milazzo winesAzienda Agricola Milazzo, has cultivate vineyards and produced wine for many years. The vines are a passion shared enthusiastically by the current owner, Giuseppe Milazzo with his forefathers, who planted them more than 150 years ago. More…

firriato winesCasa Vinicola Firriato, was created during the mid 1980s. The strength of this company is its youth and itsproducers, Salvatore and Vinzia Di Gaetano, that synthesized their entrepreneurial spirit in tenacity and determination. More…

calatrsai winesCasa Vinicola Calatrasi was created in 1985 from the intuition of Maurizio Miccichè, a doctor passioned about wine, who decided to create the canteen after his return from a study tour in California where he gets to know the wine production managerial techniques: the union of oenology, viticulture and marketing that convinces him to do the same in his region. More…

barone sergio wines

The wines of Azienda Agricola Barone Sergio are made of grapes cultivated in the fertile Valley of Noto, in the Eloro D.O.C. zone, in a perfect union between tradition and technology, where ancient buildings have been renovated and reorganised to house up-to-date winemaking facilities. More..
 Abate Franca Alba 

 Abbazia Santa Anastasia
 Agata Marano Azienda Vitivinicola Etnea
 Alessandro di Camporeale
 Agareno Azienda Agricola S.r.l.
 Antico Frantoio sas di Murgia & Lamanno
 Azienda Agricola COS
 Azienda agricola Guarino
 Azienda Agricola Testa Filippo
 Agr. Vitivinicola D. Vella
 Azienda Budonetto del Conte Maurigi
 Azienda Vitivinicola Miceli
 Baglio del Cristo di Campobello
 Bukkuram s.r.l
 Baglio Hopps
 Cantine Barbera
 Cantine Carlo Pellegrino & C.
 Cantina Ericina
 Cantine Fina
 Cantine Vinci
 Cantina S.Antonio
 Cantina Sociale dell’Alto Belice
 Cantina Sociale Di Trapani
 Casa di Grazia
 Case Di Pietra
 Carlalberto Anselmi
 Duca di Salaparuta
 Feudi del Pisciotto 
 Feudo Arancio
 Feudo Principi di Butera
 Fondo Antico

 Gorghi Tondi

  Il Frantoio Siciliano

   La Capirossa Trading srl


 Marco De Bartoli
 Monte Polizzo
 Poggio di Bortolone
 Principe di Corleone
 Principi di Butera

Regia Corte

Sicily Wine Valley


 Tasca D’Almerita
 Tenuta di Serramarrocco

Terre del Parnaso

Viticoltori Associati Canicattì