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The Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive D.O.P.s, from West to East:

Val di Mazara”, “Valli Trapanesi”, “Valdemone”, “Valle del Belice”, “Monti Iblei”, and “Monte Etna”.



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Proceeding west from Palermo, you’ll reach the Alcamo D.O.C. trail, which includes Erice D.O.C. as well as the world-renowned Marsala (Lands of the West and Val di Mazara). Meals enjoyed along the Sicilian west coast, whether procured in one of the area’s award winning slow food establishments, a local trattoria, or, better yet. a welcoming Sicilian home, will undoubtedly allow you the opportunity to experience the famous “Nocellara del Belice” and “Biancolilla“ extra virgin olive oils.

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These oils, extracted by traditional mechanical methods, feature the eponymous international award-winning varieties of olives in their pure form. You will also find exquisite extra virgin olive oils recognized as D.O.P. available for sale direct from producers.

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D.O.P. stands for : Denominazione d’Origine Protetta, meaning Protected Designation of Origin,  the equivalent of D.O.C. for wine. (The Council and Parliament Regulation (EC) No 1151/2012 defines Designations of Origin as “a name that identifies a product that originates in a specific place, a region or, exceptionally, a country; the quality or characteristics of which are fundamentally or exclusively due to a particular geographic setting, with the natural and human factors inherent to it, and which production phases take place entirely in a defined geographic area.” (excerpt from Olivetimes.com)


A city break through the paths of olive oil and wine

by Monica Colaianni 

Real Gourmets can arrange a great city break following the “paths of oil and wine” of Trapani area. Enjoy a unique combination, to discover all the flavors of the area and enjoy nature, culture and the architectural beauty of the city. The olive trees characterize the landscape of the Valle del Belice and of Erice. It extends towards the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas. But it is thanks to the Arabs, and subsequently the Spanish, that the oil of this area has become very popular for its produce of great nutritional value. Many of the olive trees planted by the Spanish are still present in the valleys of Trapani and form part of a great historic and monumental legacy.