grilloGrillo is an important grape that is found throughout the western regions of Sicily, the Grillo is crisp and light in texture, with moderate acidity and notable sweetness. A table wine of true quality, the Grillo is also noted for its use in DOC varietals in various wine regions, including Marsala, Alcamo, Contea di Sclafani, and Monreale.









catarrattoA principal grape indigenous to the province of Trapani on the Western coast of Sicily, the robust Catarratto grape has produced a family of quality clones, including Catarratto Ammantiddatu, Catarratto Fimminedda, Catarratto Bagascedda, and Catarratto Mattu, and has
been given DOC designation in the wine territories of Marsala, Alcamo, and Monreale, among others.