Nerello Mascalese

ner_masPleasantly earthy and flowery, with hints of tobacco and notable tannin content, the Nerello Mascalese is the best known of the Nerello varieties and the most versatile. Often a major component of DOC Etna Rosso, the Nerello Mascalese also lends itself well as an addition to aged varietals, adding a spicy, lively element.





Nerello Cappuccio


ner_capNerello Cappuccio, aka Nerello Mantellato, is a grape native to the Etna region of Sicily, and produces a spicy, medium-bodied wine with qualities very similar to the Cabernet Sauvignon. Though sometimes produced in its pure form, the Nerello Cappuccio is more often blended with the Nerello Mascalese in the production of DOC Etna Rosso.