Kuddia di Zè IGT Rosso Sicilia

Shyrae zeType: Red
Alcoholic content: 13%
Grape: Syrah, Grenache
Terrain: Volcanic origin
Altitude: 200mt. above sea level
Average age of vines: 3-6 year-old
Exposition: North-south west
Row orientation: ‘Alborello’ /vertical trellis
First vintage: 2003
Average annual production: 5,600 bottles
Harvest: The end of August

After careful research of the ampelo-graphic basin of Pantelleria by Prof. Attilio Scienza, certain varieties of red grape have been identified. Some have a precise identification, others are derivatives as could be expected from the evolution of nature.
Among the former are the Carignano and the Grenache. These are also to be found in Tunisia and probably come originally from southern France but they can be found in the Priorato in Spain and in Sardinia too.
The Abraxas Vine Company of Pantelleria created a second group of vines, the first in Bukkuram Scirafi, another at Randazzo Sidori where fine vines of Carignano, Grenache side by side with Syrah have been implanted .

These grapes in the Kuddia di Zè vines have given rise to the wine of the same name. We are very grateful to expert Giacomo Tachis for his excellent advice and his gift of the first cuttings of Carignano from the Santadi del Sulcis Cellar in Sardinia “Our curiosity is aroused as to how, in years gone by, the Carignano was cultivated in Pantelleria and was greatly appreciated by Pantelleria’s vine dressers for its palatability. This effect on the palate did not refer to the sugar residue but to its fullness, to the low acidity, to its mellowness and to its abundant and nobil tannins, well polymerized thanks to a system or row orientation ( low – almost creeper ‘alberelli’) and to the sun and the climate in general.
In fact, in these conditions the wine could not fail to be rich, well balanced, mellow and full; the kind of wine which arouses great interest today on the International market.”
“ Pantelleria deserves a great red wine!” This is the preface by Giacomo Tachis in the excellent thesis by Caterina D’Ancona. Kuddia di Zè is from Pantelleria but it could be defined as its ‘Chateneuf du Pape. This too is a wine ‘au contraire’ or “contrariwise” 

Kuddia di Zè from carignano, grenache and syrah grapes. A wine that has renewed the French tradition of Pantelleria since its vines were implanted during the French colonisation