Di Giovanna Rosato di nerelloGerbino Rosato di Nerello Mascalese

 TYPE: I.G.T. Sicilia

GRAPE VARIETAL: 100% Nerello Mascalese 

 ALCOHOL :13.5% Vol

PRODUCTION AREA: Contessa Entellina (AG)

VINEYARD: Miccina & Paradiso , Altitude: 350-450 meters

SOIL COMPOSITION: Limestone, Clay mix

BOUQUET: This unique Rose’ is made from the native Sicilian grape Nerello Mascalese known for it’s expressive, aromatics and spice taste. The Rosato di Nerello Mascalese has a brightly fuchsia color, very fragrant notes of violet and a slight smokiness, typical of the Nerello grape. It has a fresh and intense mineral back taste, bright acidity with a dry, and savory finish.

PAIRING: This wine pairs wonderfully with vegetable frittatas, grilled fish and pork. Suggested also to be drunk with spicy asian foods.

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Following in the footsteps of our Great Grandfather Cristoforo Ciaccio who planted the first vineyards in 1860 and aged his wines in the cellar of the old farmhouse Fiuminello, the Di Giovanna family has continued to cultivate its vineyards with unwavering dedication and pride for generations. In 1985, Aurelio Di Giovanna and his wife Barbara, initiated in-depth study of their terrains micro-climates and soils. Following, carefully cloning, and testing, they identified the vines best suited for each vineyard. Each property was delineated into 5 unique vineyard sites: Miccina, Gerbino, and Paradiso at 350-480 m above sea level in the village of Contessa Entellina (PA). The Fiuminello and San Giacomo vineyards flourish at 700-830 m above sea level in the mountains surrounding the town of Sambuca di Sicilia (AG).



Di Giovanni fam-K & AThe Di Giovanna family is committed to cultivate with organic methods  their vineyards, preserving their land and family tradition. All of their products are certified organic through “Suolo e Salute srl” “Soil and Health Corp.” since 1997.


certificato agricoltura biologica



excerpt from Di Giovanni site, English version edited by Vanvakys.com




Milazzo- Maria Costanza – RED 2004


Classification            IGT Sicilia

Grape varieties          Nero D’Avola

Alcohol                     13 – 13.5% by vol.

Tasting notes            Purple with dark violet glints colour, very intense with a pleasant licorice tang, notes of fresh mint, very ripe and red fruits. Clean, full-bodied, strong and silky tannic structure; well rounded, lingers in the mouth and finely blended

Serving temperature  18°C

Pairing                    Ideal accompaniment to roast, red meat, stews, game and highly flavoured food

Awards                    Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial in Bruxelles (Belgium), May 2009

Milazzo-Duca di Montalbo – RED 1999

milazzo_duca_montalboClassification            IGT Sicilia

Grape varieties         Nero D’Avola

Alcohol                     13 – 13.5% by vol.

Tasting notes        Deep purple with violet glints colour. Notes wildwood fruits and aromas redolent of mint and licorice mixed with notes of vanilla and nutmeg. Well structured with silky tannins and a nice roundness

Serving temperature  18°C

Pairing                    Ideal accompaniment to roast, grilled meat, game and strong cheese

Awards                    Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial in Bruxelles (Belgium), May 2009