The Wine Trails of Sicily Through Culture and the Arts of Pleasure part III


trinacria bella how sicily was born


 The Wine Trails of Sicily Through Culture and the Arts of Pleasure  part III




Saline di MarsalaFollowing the curve, that from Capo Lilibeo, leads south on the shores of the Strait of Sicily, there  is the Route of the Lands of  Sicanians or Strade del Vino Terre Sicane, (Sicanians were one of three ancient peoples of Sicily present at the time of Phoenician and Greek colonization). 


Agrigento Greek temples copy 2This is the area of Agrigento, where, with the City of the  Valley of the Greek Temples, together with Selinunte can be considered the one of most extended archeological area in the world: here  the wine and food culture can be seen towing the economy of the area.

Very close to, in Gela a great Siceliot-Greek poet, Archestrato of Gela (IV century BC), Calamari ripieni VRC copywrote Hedypatheia” or “Gastronomy”, the first Poem of Gourmet. As a young poet Archestratus was disciple of the most famous Epicurus, becoming an Expert in the art of pleasure. In his poem Archestratus tells of his long journeys in search of the best food and the finest wines.


ArchesrtatoIt also deals with the bread, fish, the production and storage of wine and food. It focuses mainly on fish, indicating the best quality, the places of origin, the most famous species and the specific fishing seasons. The first gourmet book in the world. See alsohistory and Legends of Sicily from the kitchen to the cellar”




Luigi_Pirandello_1932Speaking of high cultural paths, in a hill facing the “abused” Valle dei Templi,  there is “Kaos” (Chaos) the house of Luigi Pirandello, the inventor of the modern theater, awarded in 1934 Nobel Prize for literature for his “bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage“.






Il Gattopardo - Film 1963Here the DOC areas  are : Santa Margherita di Belice, the summer residence of Il Gattopardo, translated  “The Leopardwritten by Tomasi di Lampedusa  published in 1958,  does anybody remember the movie of Luchino Visconti with  Burt Lancaster, Alain De Lon and Claudia Cardinale?




Menfi lore 066 copyJust few miles from Agrigento, Sambuca di Sicilia, Menfi  (nowadays one of the most active  “Slow food” presidium)  and Contessa Entellina. Beautiful beaches in this area such as: Eraclea Minoa, with its woods by the sand,  one and the UNESCO site: the white reef of “Scala dei Turchi”.




Ceramics copy anchovies Sciacca by Vanvakys copyCastello Incantato copy 2ciaopics-scala dei turchi appeal2 copy 2










 Last but not least, close to the cost, there are Sciacca, beautiful city and one of the capitals of canned sardines.   Ribera “the city of the Oranges”,  defined by its own name, with its  lush agricultural fields.


stock-photo-copyright-symbol-as-a-wax-seal-80699464The Wine Trails of Sicily Through Culture and the Arts of Pleasure

by Salvatore Cottone New York, July 2013

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Inzolia (Ansonica)

inzoliaIn Tuscany, this grape is referred to as Ansonica. However, its Sicilian counterpart, Inzolia, is both well known and widely accepted as a fundamental element of the classic Sicilian wine repertoireWell-structured, with notes of almond and citrus, Inzolia is produced primarily in the provinces of Agrigento, Palermo, and Caltanisetta, but is also designated as DOC in the wine regions of Menfi and Sciacca.