Abraxas Passito di Pantelleria DOC

Abraxas passitoType: Sweet
Alcoholic content: 14,5%
Grapes: Zibibbo (Moscatello d’Alessandria)
Terrain: medium textured and relatively loose soil
Altitude: 180mt. above sea level
Average age of vines: 20 years old
Exposition: From east to south west
Row Orientation: ‘Alberello’ (a cultivation technique involving severe pruning)
First vintage: 2000
Average yearly production: 12,000 bottles
Harvest: After tenth day of August, Left to wither naturally under the sun This is a sweet wine made from Zibibbo grapes, naturally withered in the sun on Pantelleria. It conserves all the scents and aromas of slowly matured grapes.