Driving in Sicily can be difficult for a stranger for few simple but significant reasons: rules are very often not respected and traffic is chaotic, although driving a car or a bike on motorways is relatively easy, in city center you might experience some unpleasant surprises. Italians drive very fast as if they always have a very important appointment and are in late! Scooters and bikes have they own rules independent from the rest of other vehicles passing from right to the left of your car and sometimes do not stop at the red lights.

So if you really want to rent a car and drive keep calm and observe how Sicilians drive. It might appear strange but the percentage of accident in Sicily are lower then other part of Italy, all despite this “organize chaos”! You may hire an English speaking driver !

Speed limits on

Highways: 90-120 Km/h;

Super Strada: 50-90 Km/h;

city streets and internal routes: 30-50 Km/h

Highways, Super Strade or Strade Veloci, (super roads), Strade Statali (roads)

In Sicily big cities as well as main tourist destinations from East to West or North to South are connected by modern highways (follow the signs A as in Autostrada) and, this is a good news, majority of them are free of charge!

Sometimes you find the internal routes as “Super Strade or Strade Veloci” (super roads, sign SS or SV), where you can drive faster. They are wider roads then the “strade statali”, generally very narrow specially in the historic city centers.

For further information go to : Sicily Maps MAPPA AUTOSTRADALE SICILIA


If you want to relive the excitement of driving the oldest circuit rally in the world you “must” head from Palermo to the mountains of Madonie (Palermo province) where the famous open road endurance automobile “Targa Florio” has been held since 1906. The race was created in 1906 by the wealthy pioneer race driver and automobile enthusiast, Vincenzo Florio, who had started the Coppa Florio race in Brescia and Lombardy in 1900. Founded in 1906, it was the oldest sports car racing event, part of the World Sportscar Championship between 1955 and 1973.

By the mid-1920s, the Targa Florio had become one of Europe’s most important races, as neither the 24 Hours of Le Mans nor the Mille Miglia had been established yet. Grand Prix races were still isolated events, not a series like today’s F1.

Over the years, the greats of Grand Prix racing and Formula One such as Argentina’s Juan Manuel Fangio, Belgium’s Olivier Gendebien and Britain’s Stirling Moss came to challenge Italian champions Tazio Nuvolari, Alfieri Maserati, Achille Varzi and others, like local hero Nino Vaccarella

DRIVERS QUICK TIPS Highways, Super Strade , Strade Statali (roads)

Autostrade per l’Italia (highways for Italy)
Web (only Italian) www.

Emergency Numbers
113 Police or 112 Carabinieri

SOS pedestals, connected to “Centro Radio del CAS”, are located, in both directions every 2 Km. Users, alternatively, can directly call the Centro Radio Tel: 090 364373 – active 24 hours in case of breakdown.

Link for Gas Station and Services Areas

Sicilian Highway codes A19 Palermo-Catania, A29 Palermo-Mazara, A8 Messina-Catania- Siracusa , A 20 Messina-Palermo, A18 Siracusa-Gela (not completed yet)

SS624 Palermo-Sciacca

You can rent a car directly at the airports or in the biggest cities and important tourist destinations.

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