Vanvakys International is a service company operating for more than ten years in the field of direct and indirect internet marketing and communication with particular concentration between Sicily and the United States. Through the use of the World Wide Web and modern marketing techniques we take on your marketing project with passion and creativity. The Vanvakys team especially takes advantage of the collaboration of partners and professionals from around the world.
Vanvakys International implements projects aimed at developing the communications and marketing of your company in a 360 degree approach.
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In recent years we have produced thousands of original pages and websites, all projects are tailor designed to meet our client’s needs. (portals, corporate websites, specific dynamic pages, news, etc.). Through the complete attention of our customer’s needs and the detailed analysis of data, objectives and customer targets, we offer the best solutions for your project including social media communication and international marketing campaigns.
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DIRECT MARKETING              B2B              EVENTS

In the field of direct marketing we design, build and manage the presentation of ideas, products and services in New York, (the global capital of image and world trade): through use of exhibitions, social and cultural events, workshops, presentation of local products for export, concerts, wine & food tasting, symposiums , language courses, in both public and private institutions.
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We have built a network of associations and companies that represent our partners and clients of this large market, being ever present and attentive to every event we organized and propose.
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Our Latest Projects

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Whether you have a physical product, intellectual idea, artistic or artisan product, that is born on the local level, on a proposal table or laboratory, in a garage, a desktop computer or just a sheet of paper. The idea or project needs to be presented to specific users of the World Wide Web to make it a success. The first step is to create an image and a communication strategy around the product. The first approach is at the local level, initial users, their friends, clients or members of the company.
Communication through web technologies and the appropriate marketing strategies we can help you reach a vast network of users in global areas so that you can propose products, services, concepts, ideas etc globally. Conversely any product, service, or global concept can be used locally to your advantage.
VanVakys advantage is the direct and in-depth knowledge of the area (environmental, socio-cultural, and commercial) and the realm in which we operate (Sicily-USA). Our goal is to precisely facilitate this continuous stream Local - Global - Local and draw from it all the benefits and advantages of creating a positive return, which translates into your company’s global growth.

  • Increased trade in goods and services
  • Opportunity to effectively reach a wider market
  • Best opportunity to meet demand / supply for the markets including "niche markets"
  • Creation of interactive networks of people, businesses and community reference
  • Communication and continuous feedback 365/365 and 24/7 via the web

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