Amunì Sicily e Vanvakys International per l'America

October 2012
Dear Italian and Sicilian friends of America,

             We send you warm and affectionate greetings from Sicily and look ahead to the upcoming events for the Italian Heritage and Culture Month in the USA. We are so proud of the contributions you have given and the efforts you continue to apply to building both this great country and the nation of Italy. Indeed, even in these challenging times, we would do well to stop for a moment and recognize how far we have come, the value of what we have accomplished, and how much we have yet to demonstrate to the world as Italians, Sicilians and Americans.

             The richness of our heritage, the success of our forebears, and the admiration of people around the world were achieved through centuries of dedication: excelling in fields including the arts, engineering, agricultural sciences and textiles. Our talent for entertainment and hospitality is unmatched. The beauty and mystique of our natural landscape, so generous and diverse, is not merely a gift from the universe, but also a labor of love and skill that is expertly and steadfastly maintained and nurtured. We have a lot to be proud of, and what better time than now to celebrate the bounty of Italian culture, both current and historical?

             Reflect for a moment: have you ever fantasized about lying in the warm sun on a golden beach, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and crystal clear water, while sipping your favorite drink? How many destinations can you think of that will provide the paradise of your dreams along with the opportunity to explore world famous archeological and historical sites and top it off with world class gastronomic tours and relaxing evenings at some of the biggest wine estates of Europe? Do you fancy a luxury stay in an opulent palazzo near a thermal spring? A romantic getaway in a rustic farmhouse while sampling local sustainable fare? Have you ever played a round of golf on a green facing the sea while surrounded by ancient Greek temples and the intoxicating scent of vineyards at harvest? If you are an adventurous type, then picture a day of climbing the “living mountain” of Etna followed by a day of sailing among the mythical islands of Homer’s Odyssey! These scenarios are not a dream. There exists one place, in the heart of the Mediterranean, where all of this and more is possible. The place is the island of Sicily.

             We have chosen this special occasion to announce that Sicily is now closer to you than ever before. Our magazine, Amuni’ Sicily, comes to America thanks to the partnership between Amuni’ and Vanvakys International. The first free magazine dedicated to Sicily, its people and culture, Amuni’ Sicily will be distributed in select locations in the USA. For more information on this publication, as well as the answers to every question or curiosity you may have about this glorious location, please visit Vanvakys International at any of our newly renovated sites:,, and You can also visit for details.

             In closing, we would like to reiterate our profound respect and gratitude for what you do in the name of our common Italian legacy and offer this initial issue for your enjoyment. Best of luck and congratulations in advance for all of the fantastic events you will hold throughout The Italian Heritage and Culture Month 2012.
Auguri e arrivederci presto in Sicilia!
Best Regards

Daniela Drago
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