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Dear Italian and Sicilian friends of America,

We send you warm and affectionate greetings from Sicily and look ahead to the upcoming events for the Italian Heritage and Culture Month in the USA. We are so proud of the contributions you have given and the efforts you continue to apply to building both this great country and the nation of Italy. Indeed, even in these challenging times, we would do well to stop for a moment and recognize how far we have come, the value of what we have accomplished, and how much we have yet to demonstrate to the world as Italians, Sicilians and Americans.

Sicilian Americans Have Something to Say, in Sicilian

Every Wednesday night, a small group of students gather for their language course at the Italian Charities of America Inc. in Flushing, Queens. Ironically, the students are not interested in learning Italian, but a separate language that arrived during the wave of Italian immigration to New York City. These students are the children and grandchildren of Sicilian immigrants.
“We only write the phrases on the board in Sicilian, not in Italian, so that is what stays in our memories after class,” says Salvatore Cottone, teacher of the Sicilian language class. On the chalkboard, Cottone has written, “Dumani Marialena sinni va cu zitu.” If he were to compare it to Italian, it would say “Marialena andrà con il suo ragazzo.” It would not help the students to observe the ways that one language relates to the other; they are completely separate in form, construction, and syntax.
Sicilian and Italian are both audibly and visibly diverse. To note a few examples, Sicilian uses different vowel sounds, relying on a long “u” rather than the “o” as in “trenu” (train) and “libbru” (book) instead of “treno” and “libro.” There is no future tense verb conjugation; instead, context words such as tomorrow, “dumani,” and later, “doppu,” are used to indicate that the action will take place in the future. The cadence and pronunciation of Sicilian also demonstrate obvious differences from the standard Italian.
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Festa della donna alla siciliana

Vanvakys Art Int. & Palma Restaurant
presents: "March 8th...una Mimosa Siciliana"
dedicated to the memory of all women of the "Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire" NYC 1911 at Palma Restaurant 28 Cornelia St. Greenwich Village NYC.
Sicily Wine Tasting & Four Course Menu featuring Sicilian Pastry Sicilian poetry & music in a cozy Mediterranean atmosphere.
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Bagheria in America, January 2006

Vanvakys on Talent In Motion, March 2005

America Oggi, 7 May 9th 2004

The Star Maker. Salvatore Cottone: A Talent Scout in New York

Among many individuals you might have the chance to meet in the Big-Apple, some present a rare combination of qualities and a bizarre array of traits. Like Salvatore Cottone, a true Sicilian that left his enchanting land to become a "Star Maker" and a promoter of Italian talents in New York.

Salvatore is the curator of great exhibits ("Art & Leisure" and "Passione Experience", both at the Rio Gallery, NYC) that already started a buzz in snobbish uptown. I got the privilege to enjoy the view of some of the artworks and the selection of fine Artists coming from different countries presenting their works on canvas and sculptures in terracotta. Their styles and conceptions express the tones of "Passion", either as a pleasure of sacrifice.


Gemellaggio Sportivo Palermo - New York, 14th February 2002

14th February 2002 Valentine's day - New York
«... grazie per questo segno di solidarietà ... questo è un dono che viene dal cuore come questo quadro che è stato ispirato dal cuore come la mano dell'artista che l'ha eseguito ...lo accetto a nome di tutti i Vigili del Fuoco di New York...Accetto con piacere l.invito a partecipare a questo evento che suggella sempre di piu i vincoli di Amicizia e Fratellanza tra New york e Palermo il popolo Italiano e il popolo Americano...»
(Daniel Nigro - chief of NYFD)

da "America Oggi" del 15/2/2002 - di Antonio Ciappina


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