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SISSY CASTROGIOVANNI: A Citizen of the World

Sissy Castrogiovanni was born in Catania, but is considered a citizen of the world! She has Sicilian blood in her veins but an international flare in her voice. Castrogiovanni holds a degree in "Jazz Composition and Mediterranean Studies" at the Berkley College of Music in Boston. She collaborates with the University of Valencia (Spain) and sings on many stages throughout Europe. A great talent, Castrogiovanni's voice is also appreciated by the distinguished audience of the European Parliament in Brussels. Her passion for jazz, one of the most sophisticated of musical genres, and the singer's extraordinary tenacity, have enabled her to leap right into the limelight alongside such internationally renowned artists as Jazz drummer Jack De Johnette, Ten-time Grammy award winner Bobby McFerrin, and one of the greatest pianists of boogie-woogie in the world, Jo Bonshack - just to name a few! The famous Spanish composer and guitarist, Javier Limon, now the producer and owner of the namesake house records, remembers well the first time he heard her singing a popular Sicilian melody. Mentioned on: "A voice and the piano" by Moira Lo Bianco, and written by her best friend:
"..cleaving the air with words that cut like sharp knives and ...thanks to her interpretation we have discovered the world of traditional music from the island, full of melodies and sounds worthy of attention from her fans. Sissy leads the world in the most ancient Sicilian lullabies and folk songs with an arrangement and a voice that go beyond the ordinary. A magical combination of commitment, perseverance, tenacity, passion and the inimitable Sicilian soul." This is "citizen of the world" Sissy Castrogiovanni.
In the world of music it is often said that hearing is believing. Take a listen for yourself at: from #4 edited by Vanvakys
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