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My non-fiction book, An Offer We Can't Refuse

The Mafia in the Mind of America (Faber and Faber/Farrar, Straus, Giroux) examines America's enduring fascination with Italian and Italian American organized crime, as depicted in the movies, on TV, and in fiction. In the book I try to explain why the "Mafia Myth" is one of the longest-running shows in popular culture, and how the mythology relates to the actual history of not only organized crime but of Italian immigration and Italian American history and culture.

If your idea of Italian music is "O Sole Mio", opera, and the operatic pop schlock of Andrea Bocelli, you've never heard Roy Paci and Aretuska. You're in for a treat. Rosario "Roy" Paci, 41, from Augusta, Sicily, has been tearing up European and Latin American concert stages with his ten-piece band Aretuska for the better part of the past decade. Paci, a trumpeter and vocalist, has created a hybrid yet personal sound that marries his Mediterranean roots to Latin idioms like samba and cumbia, as well as ska, reggae, R&B, and jazz.



Fiori di Sicilia - The Lost 1811 Herbarium

Available to the public for the first time, Fiori di
Sicilia: "Acis Hortus Regius"--Erbario di Giuseppe
Riggio, Acireale, 1811, reproduces a recently
discovered Sicilian herbarium originally consisting
of four folio volumes containing 753 richly colored
hand-painted tables. The herbarium was
commissioned by Giuseppe Riggio, an intriguing,
erudite chemist from Acireale, near Mt. Etna; each
of its watercolor tables is a small gem.

Enciclopedia della Sicilia

This authoritative volume represents years of work
by 220 scholars covering the art, history, literature,
music, photography, theatre, cinema, philosophy,
science, archeology, geography, laws, and folkways
of Sicily in 4000 detailed entries and 500 vibrant
color illustrations. Shattering myths and exploring
little-known aspects of the island, the Enciclopedia is
a resource like no other.
Franco Maria Ricci, the pioneer of Italian art publishing and creator of FMR magazine ("the black pearl of
the publishing world," according to Federico Fellini), commissioned these volumes for his new imprint, Ricci
Editore. Caterina Napoleone, who edited and curated these two projects, is an art historian based in
Rome; she specializes in baroque sculpture and antiquarian culture.

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